Elicia's Bio

I grew up in Washington DC and came to the West Coast to go to Stanford University, where I designed my major in "Human Consciousness" thorough the interdisciplinary Human Biology department. I was fascinated with the mind-body connection and the true nature of consciousness. I was lucky to intern there with Stephen LaBerge on his work with lucid dreams.

When I graduated I went on a 30-day wilderness excursion, then went straight from the backcountry to L.A. to take a job as a research assistant. I was working at UCLA in split-brain research, but I found myself liking the computers more than the research, so I ended up programming the experiments. Over time I became disillusioned with experimental psychology research methodology, and also with the all-male, ego-centered, hyper-political department. I entertained myself by volunteering for research projects, such as a study of the fabulous bonobo chimps. While designing a study into how people use their vision while learning a foreign languages, I became interested in the possibilities of multimedia for education. So I got into making CD-ROMS as a producer, Lingo programmer, and sound effects designer. I created a series of interactive Marvel comics, an adventure game, and a Deepak Chopra CD-ROM about alternative medicine, among other things.

Inevitably I went travelling, discovered Burning Man (1996) and moved back to San Francisco, where I ended up doing internet programming. I spent a few years as an independent contractor and then over 5 years working at CollabNet doing java development on bug tracking software.

Now I've been building a home and permaculture community, with plans to create a retreat and temple. I'm teaching tantra after a deep immersion into Taoist and Hindu tantric traditions. I'm researching and writing a book which I plan to make into a movie someday: a pre-historical novel set in 3500 BC, with the coming of the ancient Indo-europeans, war and patriarchy. I'm learning violin, Eastern European singing, mbira, ethnic dance traditions, gardening, permaculture, and primitive skills.

I'm also into ecstatic dance, wilderness, independent travel, lucid dreaming, Burning Man, yoga, tantra, Rudolph Steiner and the Rosicrucians, Rumi, surfing, tennis, sustainability, ecology, shamanism, sacred music, magick...

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